Always seeing sculptural opportunities and never waste wood scraps, he creates creating spoons, spatulas and spreader knives primarily in walnut and black cherry wood. Since 2010, hundreds of spoons, spatulas and spreader knives have been produced.

Cherry wood

Cherry and Black Walnut

Wheel of spoons in Cherry

Spoons with concentric grain pattern in Cherry

Clam-shelldesigns in Black Walnut

Australian Jarrah and Red Gum wood

Butter Knives in Cherry and Black Walnut

Clam-shell designs in Black Walnut

Butter Knives in Cherry

Short handles spoons in Cherry, Australian Black Wood and Black Walnut and Cherry

Wood  Care: Spoons, spatulas, spreader knives and bowls are finished with food-safe walnut oil. These kitchen utensils can be used in cooking. They should be washed in water, but not soaked in water. If the wood surface becomes rough, the wood can be finely sanded and re-oiled with walnut oil.